About our product

Engaging over 40 years of British manufacturing experience, Dek-King has been continuously developed to provide the ultimate alternative to teak.

Our latest 2G version of Dek-King uses nano technology to deliver a product which is 30% cooler and 32% lighter than its traditional synthetic counterpart. Only products labelled as 2G can provide this benefit. Dek-King 2G allows us to feature what is arguably the most realistic graining effect on the market which we offer from stock in a choice of 9 colours. 

Our decks are designed and fabricated by professional teams who combine modern construction techniques with traditional hand crafted finishing to create boat decks which are virtually indistinguishable to real teak. The result is a boat deck manufactured to deliver the ultimate in terms of both performance and design. Individual synthetic teak planks are thermally joined to create fully welded, waterproof panels specifically tailored to the individual design requirements of your customers. The material used for Dek-King is UV stabilised outdoor grade PVC, it is easy to look after and doesn’t lose its good looks to sunlight or the harsh conditions of the marine environment.